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How much is a zip of Runtz?

Buying any product in larger quantities will make it cheaper, we all know that. Economies of scale, I won’t bore you with that. 

So how much can I expect to pay for an ounce of Runtz?

StrainFair price for a zipTHCSupply Price
Runtz OG$400$209
Blue Runtz $425$179
Purple Runtz $400$249
Hawaiian Runtz $450$179
Banana Runtz $450$179
Potato Runtz $425$224
Don’t feel like reading the text? Use this handy table instead.

Firstly, for a zip of Runtz OG, the price should be around $400 for genuine Runtz cannabis flower.

Similarly, a zip of Blue Runtz should cost you about the same, our research has found that a price of around $425 a zip is fair on the streets.

Purple Runtz Bud
Purple Runtz Bud

A fair price for a zip of Purple Runtz would be $400 as well, give or take.

Wondering about a good price for a zip of Potato Runtz? You should be paying around $425 for a zip of this strain, as well.

The Banana Runtz strain is one you don’t come around often. Besides, it’s pretty rare to find especially on the black market in non-legal states. Expect to be paying around $450 per zip for Banana Runtz.

Finally, Hawaiian Runtz, definitely a fan-favorite among the Runtz family, is one you probably won’t come across in non-legal states either. They are super uncommon outside of the ‘Green States’. As a result, you can expect to be paying a premium for this bud as well, around $450 for a zip.

Remember that depending on where you’re located, prices might be higher or lower. Generally speaking, the further you get from a legal state, the higher the price will be for your weed.

I’m tired of paying these awful streetprices for my Runtz!

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