Stoney Patch 350mg Package
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Reviewing Stoney Patch Candies

I was lucky enough to have THCSupply send me a free pack of stoney patches to review. Growing up, I would always reach for the sour patch candies. There was something about the tangy sensation that would send my taste buds spiralling as my body pulled away, looking for relief from the feeling.

As an adult, Stoner Patch THC gummies allow me to experience those same sensations I had with my favorite candy, and more!

Trying out Sour Patch gummies

I recently had the opportunity to try these gummies. This brand of edibles comes in a variety of flavors. I tried the watermelon one, but there are also strawberry, grape, and tropical flavors available. Each gummy is shaped as small tubes, making them easily chewable.

Stoner Patch Watermelon and Dummies
I tried the Watermelon one on the left.

The Stoner Patch Kids gummies contain a whopping 100mg per gummy. Knowing this, I started off with a small doses, consuming half of one gummy. Once I bit in, I sat back and waited for the gummy to hit. From a flavour standpoint I definitely tasted the watermelon.

The Stoney Patches looked pretty identical to the normal ones.

Stoney Patch Review – the high

Time to review the high from these Stoney Patches. About 45 minutes in to my journey, I could feel a tingly sensation bubbling across my body. The high progressed into a body high. At this point, I decided to have the second half of the gummy. And boy, did the high begin to heat up. All my stresses and anxieties began to melt away as my mind floated as high as the clouds. These gummies are ones that you’ll need to sit down for. They have the capacity to glue you to the couch, which is exactly what happened with me. Equally important: they are super cheap. I’m a frugal guy and I these candies really are a good bang for your buck.

The high will leave you hungry looking for your favourite snacks. I always keep my favorite nachos close by and within reach when I try new edibles. I often find that for many different types of edibles, the munchies can hit hard and when they do you need to respond quickly. When eating my nachos, my sensory related to taste and smell were definitely enhanced making my munchie session extremely enjoyable. Additionally, I enjoyed my drinks a lot more than I usually would.

The front- and back of the Watermelon Stoner Patches.

After the high

One thing I would say I wasn’t prepared for is the come down. With such an intense high that sets in fast, the comedown leaves you drained. This came at almost the five hour mark. Though, this can be positive as I was ready to hit the sack and get some rest.

Thinking back to my high, I wouldn’t say that I had a feeling of euphoria or felt uplifted. In general, the feeling was just a state of complete relaxation that really allowed me to forget about my stress and anxiety as the high progressed. Even some acute pain I was feeling in my foot was temporarily relieved, due to the amazing high.

To summarize

Many edibles get a bad wrap because they can be so unpredictable. As well, the effect and high of an edible is really dependent on factors like whether or not you ate immediately before consuming the edible or what type of mental state you’re in. I’d strongly recommend consuming these edibles when you’re in the right frame of mind to do so. I can also say that my experience with this gummy has been surprisingly positive. If you want an edible that actually delivers a strong high, get your hands on some Stoney Patch Gummies.