Love these edibles! Delicious and calming. I enjoy a half gummie and sleep great! This is my choice when the aches and pains keep me up at night! Thank you!

Mohammed J.

One of the best thc carts I've tried ! I live in a non legal state legalize the plant ! So helpful for anxiety and pain !

Lance R.

Each puff was euphoric and energizing. Really enjoyed the taste, too. Easy to crush. Good aroma and a great sedative.

Michael T.

Good product. Very satisfied. Hoped for 2 day shipping but took like a week to get here.. Not their fault though

Jenessa B.

So I was skeptical to try thus at first for obvious reasons. I’m a pothead and smoke more than bob Marley in his prime. But considering I was vacationing in Georgia, where bud is a big no no I went ahead and ordered this baby right here. Keep in mind, I smoked weed up until my vacation every day single day, all day. This cart had me feeling NICEEE. I was pleasantly surprised. And it doesn’t make you feel anxious or paranoid like weed will have you. I 10000% recommend especially if your trying to slowly wean yourself off the bud.


It was very nice. Smelled great and the nugs were large. I also got my order after 3 days including the processing period.


First of all, I was very pleased with the selection that you had on your website. There was so many things that I wanted to try but at the end of the day, I decided to go with the shatter variety pack.The package came even faster than expected so that was just another plus in my experience so far.    

Christopher T.

Moonrocks were Awesome 👍, everything is always awesome.


Great smelling, like the 1970's again. Brings a smile every time. Took 3 days to get to the UK. Stealth is impressive.

Steve H.

This strain is the perfect relaxer. It took the edge off of the stress for day but didn't hinder the performance of my daily duties

Jack Herer

Dope stuff, best ive tried yet! will be purchasing again!

Cierra S.

I desperately needed new strains to try and wanted to try soul diesel. Very smooth and nice little head change. If you’ve tried other cbd strains you know the buzz I’m talking about. Definitely more of a day time strain no need to worry about falling asleep with this one. Would highly recommend

Kevin A.

Moon Rocks were good. I have purchased and smoked strains as well, I honestly couldn't feel much of a difference between some strains.

JL Anon.

I suffer from bad anxiety and this product really chills me out and gets me ready to grab the day by the balls and not let go.

Johnny B.

I bought the White Runtz. This is the best strain I have smoked - no anxiety or paranoia. I feel super chill and relaxed. I smoke it right before bed. I’m really able to open myself up with this strand. Love it.

Dominick W.